Who We Are

We Salous company for restaurants, hotels, pastry shops equipment, founded in 1973 when our father Nabil Slaus started this business. It was founded in the capital, Amman and its branches and since that time we have been dealing with such a large number of hotels, restaurants and large reputable manufactures all over the world and the list continues to exist and operate efficiently and effectively. The long years of giving and giving embodied through the integration of modern science production honored to achieve the desired objective and absolute advantage of the scientific methods and modern technology used in these regional and international industry, which had the greatest impact on the company's expansion and prosperity and development after that, so Salous company became Proud of her years of experience and excellence work and Her Business Name characteristic in this industry.

We are now with all pride of the flag of this industry and the basis of metal and stainless steel works for all the purposes and specifically for restaurants kitchens and various desserts, commercial and industrial processing equipment restaurants and hotels, which are metal structure of stainless steel.

Therefore, the managements paid at most attention in the last ten years to the research and development and gave it a great importance because of the benefit and the improvement it returns to the development of the industry and to keep up with the global developments for this product and take advantage of research and studies on this side of the industry at all levels, whether international, regional and local . The results obtained by the company and is reflected in the evolution of the product has a remarkable development vindicated see insightful for the future of this industry in the kingdom to adopt many sectors of industry for its products such as the restaurant industry, sweets and derivatives and peek all industries, which enters the metal stainless steel in their construction and formed a real that this metal, which proved its worth and efficiency in the industrial sector and specifically the large and medium-sized enterprises, which prompted the company to keep up with this progress through developing advanced production programs and keep up with the evolution of the industry on the regional and international level.